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WNY Home & Garden Expo at the Hamburg Fairgrounds, 2018 February 22nd-25th !

  • Erie County Fairgrounds 5820 South Park Avenue Hamburg, NY, 14075 United States (map)

It's that time of year again and we will be setting up shop at the WNY Home & Garden Expo at the Erie County Fairgrounds!
Superior Insulation will be there to answer all of your questions about your home or business insulations needs from February 22- February 25th in Booth #304.

The 2018 WNY Home & Garden Expo returns to the Fairgrounds in Hamburg, NY on February 22-25. Get a jump on your spring remodeling and home improvement projects by visiting over 150 exhibitors at the Expo! Exhibitors are experts in their fields, including heating and cooling, pools and spas, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, roofing, flooring, energy efficiency, landscaping, and interior design. Get quotes, compare contractors, and ask the experts all under one roof! Take a tour of the fully furnished and landscaped home by Twin Lakes Homes.


Although no insulation contractor can guarantee you zero icicles or ice dams as we cannot control the outside weather, many of our customers report significant reduction in the severity of icicles and ice dams. 

A typical expectation would be an 80-85 percent reduction. A good sign that your insulation system is working would be a roof that is holding snow evenly in it entirety. One of the homes in the pictures below has spray foam insulation and we bet you can guess which one it is.

These pictures depict the heat loss that occurs to your home without the proper barriers. As well as the guarantee of ice jams/dams, icicles and damage to the sheathing (tongue & groove roofdeck and shingles) of your home. 

Each house has the same conditions. Same side of the street, same day, time, temperature. Currently 24°F, Cleveland Hill/ Cheektowaga, NY, 16-January-2018.

There is ONE exception although. Only one house on the street has an unvented upper envelope of 5" to 5-1/2" open cell SPF (open cell, spray polyurethane foam) that keeps the whole house warm in the winter & cool in the summer!! 

All work done by yours Truly, Superior Insulation !! Also these are the SAME houses we posted 3 years ago in 2015.