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What is the cost of Spray Foam Insulation? Written by Superior Insulation of Buffalo, NY.

Initially the cost of spray foam insulation is higher than batt or blown in insulation.  However, over time the benefits far exceed any other type of insulation on the market today. 

Spray foam insulation can cut both your heating and cooling bills by 30-50%.  Here’s a review by one of our real clients:

I had my upstairs spray foamed by the guys at Williamstown and my heat bill went from over 189$ a month to 90$ a month not to mention my house is warm and cozy !! They did a great job and were very professional ! Thanks guys :) -A.M.


Check out these houses that are all on the same side of the street & the same time of day.

Can you tell which one has been Spray Foamed by Superior Insulation?

If you look closely you’ll see one roof that the snow hasn’t melted on yet. Do you know why that is? Spray Foam allows the heat to stay in your Home! You stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Your initial investment is recovered over time with the energy savings you get.

This is why a Professional Spray Foam Contractor is your best bet! Hiring a Professional Spray Foam Contractor gives you piece of mind and allows you the comfort of knowing things are being done right.

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