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Can you use spray foam insulation in an existing home? - Written By Superior Insulation, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spray Foam Contractor In Buffalo, NY.

Can you use spray foam insulation in an existing home?

Did you buy a home that needs an update for the insulation or a do you just want to update the insulation in your home where you have lived for some time? 

The good news is that spray foam insulation can be used in an existing structure, whether you are doing a renovation or just an insulation retrofit.  Spray foam has the highest R-Value per inch compared to other insulations, so there are certain applications in a home, such as cathedral ceilings and 2nd floor living space in Cape Cod style homes, where you want to meet a minimum R-value and don’t have much space available.  With spray foam insulation you are able to insulate properly. 

There are two types of spray foam, open and closed cell, which refers to the molecular structure.  Open cell is less dense and closed cell has a higher density.  The higher the density the greater the R-value, so we can help you to achieve the needed R-value even when you have less space to work with. What if you have a wall that has not insulation in it?  We can drill holes in a wall cavity and fill it with insulation.  No matter the application, something can be done to handle your insulation problem.

This is why a Professional Spray Foam Contractor is your best bet! Hiring a Professional Spray Foam Contractor gives you piece of mind and allows you the comfort of knowing things are being done right.

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