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Do I need to be concerned about the odor from spray foam? - Written By Superior Insulation, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spray Foam Contractor In Buffalo, NY.

Do I need to be concerned about the odor from spray foam?

During the installation process of spray foam insulation there is a small amount of chemical compounds in the air, just like many site applied building materials.  Anyone in the spray zone during application should have the proper personal protective gear.

The material can give off vapors that may be noticeable by some people, however with proper ventilation and cleanup afterward it will disappear.  

Each installer and manufacturer will have a suggested amount of time for re-occupancy after installation and it is important that this is followed for everyone’s safety.   Most manufacturers recommend waiting 24 hours after application before having anyone re-occupy the space. 

This is why a Professional Spray Foam Contractor is your best bet! Hiring a Professional Spray Foam Contractor gives you piece of mind and allows you the comfort of knowing things are being done right.

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