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Safety & Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation - Written by Superior Insulation your Friendly Neighborhood Spray Foam Contractor in Buffalo, NY

Safety & Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation helps to create a safer, healthier living environment for you and your family.  Our product is a water based polyurethane - what car seats and memory foam pillows are made out of.  It’s a safe, eco-friendly product.  It also provides benefits of sound proofing, energy savings and water resistance.

Spray foam insulation is a completely safe insulation once the installation process is complete. To date there has been no evidence that spray foam insulation is harmful to buildings or its occupants. Spray foam insulation has been used for over 40 years without any reports to health.

When Spray Foam is installed and it has cured (hardened), the polyurethane spray foam is chemically inert and poses no environmental or health risk to the consumer. Studies have shown that the ingredients & chemicals used to spray, quickly break down into harmless organic molecules & have no effect on those around them.

During the installation process although, dust residues from the hardened foam can irritate the skin and soft tissues in the nose, throat and lungs. Consequently, workers should wear protective clothing and equipment and the work area should be well ventilated after the installation work is complete.

This is why a Professional Spray Foam Contractor is your best bet! Hiring a Professional Spray Foam Contractor gives you piece of mind and allows you the comfort of knowing things are being done right.

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