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SPRAY FOAM INSULATION V. FIBERGLASS AND MOLD - Written By Superior Insulation your Friendly Neighborhood Spray Foam Contractor in Buffalo, NY


So how does mold growth come in to play when it comes to the kind of insulation you use for your home or business?

Well there are a few differences between Spray Foam & Fiberglass. Spray foam insulation is an air barrier.  It fills every nook and cranny which allows for a complete air-tight seal.  This prevents air drafts and mold growth.  


Fiberglass insulation can be a major source of mold growth, especially in high vapor rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.  Fiberglass does not block air and can become moist. That is exactly what mold needs to grow! Air, water & a food source.

So when it comes to your home or business should you trust a insulation that may leave you susceptible to things like mold? Yuck! No way.

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